Coronavirus induced lockdown has forced many of us to reinvent our careers. That got me wondering. Once BTS (the South Korean sensation) disbands what career paths would our favourite members take. Will their paths cross again in future ?

RM (Namjoon) : Business Startup

Smartest of them all, RM (Namjoon)…

Unakoti : India’s own Ankor Wat

During these turbulent times of coronavirus pandemic, international travel plans are entirely on hold for most of us. Most countries are focusing on domestic tourists for resuming their economy. This series focuses on remote destinations within India, that not many of us know about…

Itaewon Class : A class apart from your stereotypical Korean content

If you havent seen the show yet, well do look it up on Netflix. A bit dialogue heavy and laden with management jargon, this show is unlike your average Korean Dramas. …

Why Korean dramas will find an audience in India

Currently straddling between ultra-orthodox right wing Indian dramas on TV and uber western content on Online streaming platforms, Indian audiences are in dire need of content that connects with them emotionally as well as intellectually. …

Must Watch Korean Dramas on Netflix

Have you run out of things to watch online? Is the world too dark to watch depressing series ? Well, K-Dramas are just what the doctor ordered! …

Life lessons from Ludo

How an ancient Indian game is making a comeback this quarantine season. For those who have never played this game do check out this link for rules :

  1. Patience is a virtue : We live in a culture of instant gratification, where even love resides…

BTS Member Personality Types

An observation on how the world’s greatest band of this century has members with contrasting personality traits. This is one of the many reasons why their music caters to a much wider range of audiences.

Extreme Introvert : Suga

Often made fun of by other members…

Imperfect Homes Perfect Lives

I like my house a little messy

A little imperfect you may say

I like to leave my bed unmade

A little dust on surfaces must stay

I like plants with ants in pots

Amongst flowers on display

I like the pigeons building nests

Leaving my balcony in disarray

Love watching plants grow in the same pot

Keeping their differences at bay

I like it when things are imperfect

But happiness grows from night to day

Neha Saxena

Dreamer- Architect — Musician all rolled into one

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