BTS Member Personality Types

An observation on how the world’s greatest band of this century has members with contrasting personality traits. This is one of the many reasons why their music caters to a much wider range of audiences.

Extreme Introvert : Suga

Often made fun of by other members for being too lazy or uninterested in high activity tasks, Suga is the perfect example of an introvert. He shines in isolation, quietly working on producing music and script writing in his genius lab. The other members always go to him for calm and sensible advice. Perhaps that is the reason why he is often touted as the father of the group. He will quietly fix a person’s problems without discussing it with anyone else.

His knowledge on a wide range of subjects may surprise everyone but that shows that he likes to get into the depth of the subject matter at hand ; whether it is how a bell functions or discussing some french war tactics. Suga lies on the extreme end of the introvert scale. He is somebody who would rather spend the day curled up in bed, lost in his thoughts than backstage with famous musicians.

Amiable Introvert : Jungkook

Well known as a shy baby, Jungkook prefers to be far away from the limelight. Of course he excels at most of the tasks. He is always working hard to ensure that the band doesn’t suffer due to him and willing to go to extreme lengths hide his pain. Jungkook isn’t a person who would burden somebody else with his problems.

You will never find him taking an initiative to talk to women or even interviewers. He depends on his bestmate V to take care of the social aspect of his life. Due to his introvert nature, he is extremely protective of Suga and understands the struggles he faces. Jungkook was the one who made a video on genius lab to highlight how hard Suga works behind the scenes and why he always appears tired.

Most likely to be embarrassed about his accomplishments Jungkook is a hardworking introvert who likes to stay in the background, often allowing others to take the centre stage.

Ambivert / Introvert : Jin

Jin is a complicated one. Although he will not actively seek a conversation during interviews, he is known for his outbursts and angry retorts. These emotional outbursts point out to bottled up emotions, usually a habit of introverts who are not adept at expressing themselves freelyHis V-live sessions are a lot more eating and a lot less talking. Saves one from being an active participant in the conversation during the Vlive session.

On first glance, he appears like a self obsessed megalomaniac but when you look closer you will discover that he is the only member who straight talks to army members when they are becoming too negative or intrusive. Being the oldest, he is extremely protective of the younger boys. Whether it is their physical well-being or mental, we acts like their guardian angel, strict parent and worst critic all rolled in one. High on empathy, we know Jin is an ambivert tilting towards introversion.

Ambivert : RM

He keeps switching sides which makes him the perfect ambivert. The fact that he exhibits both the characteristics (that of an introvert as well as extrovert), makes him a good team leader. He can motivate the introverts and tone down the extroverts, creating a perfect synergy in the team

As the sole member fluent in English, he has been the main contact person for the band ever since they ventured out to English speaking nations. This forced him early on to become an outgoing person even if he prefers quiet, lone brooding time. It comes across heavily during the new zealand segment of the bon voyage series when he gets pensive on seeing the moon’s reflection in the lake.

At times you feel like he would gladly give it all up for some peace and quiet to work on next song lyrics. But the responsibilities of the band and the lunacies of the other members keep him on his toes. RM is the leader this band needs, somebody who strikes a perfect balance between the narcissist extroverts and self loathing introverts of BTS.

Ambivert / Extrovert : Jimin

Jimin was made to be in the limelight. He has meticulously trained for years to be a vocalist and a contemporary dancer, even before he auditioned for BTS. He may seem like a quiet person for an extrovert, but he loves the limelight. He shines in it, dwells in it and flourishes in it.

At times he may seem to be too quiet to be an extrovert. I feel that it is mainly because he is not fluent in English. So for English speakers he feels like somebody who avoids conversation and answers in monosyllables. But if you pay close attention to their korean interviews, you would realise that he is quite the opposite.A smooth talker and somebody who can hold your attention, Jimin makes for an ambivert who tilts heavily towards extroversion.

Amiable Extrovert : V

This fun loving BTS member is clearly an extrovert, given the number of friends he has (other than BTS members). Despite the number of world tours, performances, dance rehearsals, music recordings scheduled throughout the year, he is the only BTS member known to have friends outside the K-pop circle.

He doesn’t shy away from people and loves being the centre of attention. Whether it is his clothing style or quirky accessories, they all add to his vivacious and outgoing nature. He is the one member who can pull off a fur coat as well as a leather jacket without being self conscious at all.V’s charm works wonders on both kids and grown ups alike. He is that perfect life of a party kinda person who can keep everyone enthralled by being simply himself.

Our amiable extrovert who knows how to have fun : V.

Extreme Extrovert : J-Hope

If Duracell battery ever needed human version of the bunny to sell their products, J-hope would top the list. His energy and enthusiasm keeps the band going during the toughest days. His role as the dance instructor in chief is well suited to his effervescence and bubbly nature.

He is the perfect antithesis to our extreme introvert BTS member Suga, providing him often with much needed push and motivation. Although he may seem hyper and a bit too vivacious at times but every team needs a member who is willing to pick up the slack when the lows affect the team morale. The toughest choreographies by the band are centred around J-hope so even if any other member stumbles, most of the audience’s eyes are glued to his par excellence performance.

Hence, our most straightforward extrovert in the team is J-Hope

Dreamer- Architect — Musician all rolled into one